About Us Right to Information

The Following officers are designated as the Public Information Officer and Appellate Authority concerning issues of RTI in the Mission:

Public Information Officer: Shri Jagdeep Kapoor
Second Secretary (Economic & Commerce)
Embassy of India, 45 Bukhoro Street, 734025 Dushanbe (Tajikistan)
E-mail: Com.dushanbe@mea.gov.in
Tel: +992 37 2210519
Fax: +992 37 2510088

Appellate Authority: Mr. Viraj Singh
Embassy of India, 45 Bukhoro street, 734025 Dushanbe (Tajikistan)
Phone : +992 37 2214626
E-mail : amb.dushanbe@mea.gov.in

For full text of the RTI please log on to : http://www.righttoinformation.gov.in
and the detailed information of the Act is available onhttp://www.persmin.nic.in