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Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme (ITEC) was launched in 1964 as a bilateral progamme of assistance of the Government of India. The  programme now  encompasses in its ambit a wide-range of activities like  imparting training (civilian and defence) in India to nominees from ITEC partner countries, undertaking projects and project related activities such as feasibility studies and consultancy services, deputing Indian experts abroad to assist in developmental activities, conducting study tours of experts from partner countries to important institutions, training centres and other places of interest in India, presenting gifts/donating equipment at the request of ITEC partner countries and providing aid for disaster relief. Under this programme, India today offers over 10,000 scholarships covering 47 training institutions. Over 140 countries and ten multilateral organisations are India’s ITEC partners.

 50 Years of ITEC

  ITEC Training

 Capacity building is one of the major activities under ITEC programme. Professionals from developing countries are offered wide range of training courses in different centres of excellence in India. The entire expenditure on training under ITEC for category-I countries is borne by Government of India.  Government of India bears the cost of air travel and expenditure on tuition fees, accommodation and study tours. Government of India also pays a living allowance (stipend) to the trainees for the duration of the course to meet other expenditure.  In addition, a book allowance is paid for purchase of course-related books and other items of stationery.

Besides specific eligibility criteria for each course, following are the general pre-requisites for ITEC training in India:

 i)       Candidate should be between the age of 25 and 45.

 ii)      Candidate should possess working knowledge of English for attending English language courses, and for other courses, candidate should possess a good knowledge of English.

 iii)     Candidate should be of sound health.

 iv)     Candidate should have 5 years minimum experience.

 ITEC website http://www.itec.mea.gov.in 

 The willing applicants fulfilling the above requirements  may apply to Embassy of India on every Thursday at 03.00 PM by submitting their CVs alongwith their photographs (in the prescribed format given below), identification documents and recommendation letter from their employers. The eligible candidates will be called for interview to assess their proficiency in English language:



Preferred choice of courses (please tick)




(in Block Letters)



Date of Birth / Age




Residential Address with Mobile number  & E-mail Id





Office Address & Position held




Total length of service




Number of countries visited during last five years




Have you ever attended ITEC/ICCR Course in India




1. Please affix/attach one recent coloured photograph.

2. Enclosed recommendation letter from Employer.

3. Attach a copy of passport/ID card

Shortlisted candidates can apply online by visiting website www.itecgoi.in/meaportal/registerApplicant. After successful filling of online form they have to take a printout and submit it to Embassy after getting medical certificate from Doctor and certificate from employer.

Tajikistan and ITEC

 Tajikistan has been India’s ITEC partner since 1996. Since then, nearly 1400 scholars from Tajikistan have partticipated in the training programme in India.  

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